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Statement from Miss Yemisi Khalidson – Public Health Intern at  CEHD

Between January and June of 2016, I had the pleasure of working for the Centre for Epidemiology and Health Development (CEHD) as a Public Health intern.

During these six months, I was part of a research project that aimed to investigate the feasibility of pharmacy-based hypertension care in urban-Nigeria. My role was to assist the Project Consultant, Dr Tochi Okwor, in facilitating the project’s initial phase.

The first stage of the programme was to perform data collection from hypertension screenings that took place throughout previously selected locations in Lagos, for a period of 8 weeks. In this time we saw and screened over three thousand individuals. It was absolutely fantastic to be a part of a community outreach programme. It proved to me how crucial not only medical intervention, but also education advice and the promotion of simple lifestyle changes are, when combating non-communicable diseases.

The second stage of research was to recruit the specially selected individuals, identified from screening, into pharmacy-based care. During this phase I was in charge of overseeing the recruitment team, of which included nurse practitioners, cardiologists, and pharmacists. Being involved in such an innovative intervention was absolutely enlightening.

Overall, my time with CEHD was one of a kind. It incorporated a multi-faceted experience and embedded the values of teamwork, organisation and structured data analysis in the advancements of the Public Health field in Nigeria.

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